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Live sports bets

Has the match already started and you still want to place a bet on it? No problem! At Circus you can also place live bets. Track the progress of the match and bet online depending on the latest events. This comes in handy when you're not sure how the match will go, or which bets are best to place. Do you prefer to err on the side of caution? Then our live bets might be for you!

We broadcast most major events on our website so you can bet when the opportunity arises. For live bets, the odds are progressive. Add some extra thrill and suspense and watch as they change depending on the latest events in the match. So, watch carefully! Take advantage of the best odds at the right moment and don't miss the sports bet of the year!

Bet LIVE on loads of sports

Looking for the best place to bet on sports in the Netherlands? Look no further, Circus is the place to be! Want to place thrilling football bets? Add extra thrill to your favorite matches by betting live and try to pocket great winnings. How about a bet on Ajax, Feyenoord or PSV in their next big match?

Is betting on tennis more your thing? We have all your live tennis betting needs covered too. Fans of placing bets on basketball, baseball, table tennis and much more will also be delighted by our range of sports available for live betting.

What to see which events are coming up? Check out our Live sports calendar to see what is available. You can also add your favorite events to your Favorites tab so you can always access them easily and never miss a great bet.

Choose your bet

Just like with prematch bets, you can choose from a range of markets when betting live on sports at Circus. If football betting is your favorite, you could go for the winner at half time, or the number of goals scored. If you want to bet on tennis, you could bet on the number of sets or games in a match as well as who the winner will be. There’s so much to choose from so you can place your perfect bet.

If you are looking for betting tips, don’t hesitate to check out our tips & tricks on how to place a bet. You can also take a look at the rules for sports betting to get all the necessary information on how online sports betting works.

All the perks, all the fun

When betting at Circus you can enjoy several perks to take your live bets to the next level.

Keep control of your bets and secure some of your winnings by using the Cash Out feature. The best ally for your sports bets.

Also take advantage of the BetXtra eligible for live bets. Just like for prematch bets, you can boost your winnings by using our BetXtra on your live sports bets.

Although our teams make every effort to ensure the information displayed in the section ‘Live betting’ (scores, chronometer, match information) is accurate, please note that this is provided to the players for information purposes only. Therefore, Circus cannot be held responsible for any representation errors of this information and no compensation can be claimed by the players.
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