Will you be the best manager?

To find out, just pick your dream team and compete against the teams selected by other managers. Your ranking and winnings depend on the actual performance of your players. It's what happens on the pitch that counts!

The best matches

Participate in the event of your choice each day according to the matches that interest you.

Your dream team

Pick your favourite players and create your dream team ready to compete against others.

Cash winnings

Your ranking depends on your players' performance. The higher your position in the league table, the more you win!

FantasyBet is also...

Events with a guaranteed prize pool or contests with prize money that increases according to the number of participants.

Invite your friends to take on the role of manager and compete against them in one or more tournaments.

Enjoy an even more intensive match experience and feel the tension right up to the last second as you watch your players perform.

Questions about FantasyBet?

How much does it cost?

Depending on the event in which you participate, you can join one or several tournaments with an entrance price that varies between 1 and 10 euros. This stake can only be debited from your real cash balance. You cannot participate in a tournament using bonus money.

How do I pick my team?

Select 7 players from the different teams participating in an event. You cannot choose 7 players from the same club. Once you have chosen your event, just click on the green button "+". You can then create your team automatically or manually. Finally, simply choose your captain and vice-captain, who will earn you extra points, and your team is ready to lead you to the top of the table.

What does my ranking depend on? What do I have to do to win?

The performance of your 7 players on the pitch earns you points. Imagine that your striker scores a goal: you receive 80 points. If your goalie stops a penalty, you collect 90 points. However, if one of your defenders gets, for example, a yellow card, you loose 36 points. At the end of full time, all the points from your 7 players are added up, giving you a tournament ranking.

What can I win?

Depending on the events, winners either share a guaranteed prize pool or prize money that increases according to the number of participants. Cash winnings are shared between the best participants, based on tournament rankings. The higher your position in the league table, the more you win!

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