Bonus rules

What is bonus money and what are its benefits?

Bonus money is money you're given and is added to the available credit in your account. This means you can play and bet for longer. Bonus money cannot be withdrawn until you reach 100% of the bonus playthrough.

From real money to bonus money

When you play or bet, real money is used first and then bonus money. You can play and win with bonus money, but it can't be directly withdrawn. To convert bonus money into real money, you must first reach 100% of the playthrough.

What is playthrough?

The playthrough is the number of times you have to play before you can withdraw the bonus in real money. The basic playthrough at is 30. This means once you've played with your bonus money 30 times, you will have reached 100% of the playthrough. From that moment on you can withdraw your bonus money, as it is converted into real money.

To achieve the playthrough, it's important that the sum of your stake is equal to 30 times the starting amount of the bonus offered. The bet can be placed with cash, or with bonus money, on any table game, slot machine or sports bet with odds equal to or more than 1.60.

Game / bet type


Slot games


(Live) Casino & table games




Sports bets with min. odds of 1.60


What happens to the bonus money when a withdrawal is requested?

If a withdrawal is requested, the player will lose all bonus money available on their account.

What happens when a player wins with 'real money'?

When player X deposits €250, this player receives a €250 bonus. The player then has €250 in real money and €250 in bonus money. The amount deposited will be wagered 30 or 90 times (depending on the type of game, see the table above.) On slots, therefore, at least 30 x €250 = €7,500 must be wagered, and for (live) casino and table games this will therefore be 90 x €250 = €22,500. When the player starts playing, they will always play with real money first and then with bonus money.

Imagine; player X plays for €100 and wins €100 (total amount receivable = €200) then any winnings will be added to the bonus money and will become real money once the full playthrough has been completed. So at that moment you have € 350 in bonus money. The real money balance will therefore not increase again until the full playthrough / wagering requirements have been met.

What happens when a player loses with 'real money'?

If player X plays for €150 after the first deposit of €250 and player X loses this €150, this amount will be deducted from the real money balance. The real money balance then becomes: €250 - €150 = €100. The balance of bonus money is still €250. If player X loses €150 again, €100 of the real money balance will be used (until this balance is €0), before the remaining €50 is withdrawn from the bonus money (bonus money balance is then €250 - €50). = €200). When player X wins again afterwards, the balance of bonus money is first replenished until the entire playthrough is completed.

What happens when a player makes a second deposit (both with and without outstanding balance)?

When player X's real money balance is €0 and the bonus money balance falls below €7, this bonus amount will be automatically converted into real money, and the bonus will automatically expire. When player X makes a new deposit, everything that is wagered after that does not count towards the wagering of the bonus from the previous deposit, since it has automatically expired.

What happens when player X makes a new deposit, while the bonus amount still contains more than €7 at that time?

Then all playing behavior will automatically be included in the playthrough of the bonus, because it has not yet expired.

Good to know:
  • When the player starts playing, they will always play with real money first, and then with bonus money.
  • In the player account you can always find out what amount still needs to be played through on which type of game, before the full playthrough conditions are met.
  • Before the bonus money can be withdrawn, the deposit amount must be wagered at least 30x (applicable for slots + sportsbets) and 90x (applicable for (live) casino, table games and blackjack).
  • A bonus can be canceled at any time at the request of the player. Keep in mind that the full balance of bonus money will automatically expire.
  • Out of every bonus at least 1 cent (€0.01) will be awarded as converted real money.

Please see our FAQ for more information about bonuses. Bonuses are subject to our Terms and Conditions.