Slot machine rules

Have you ever spun the reels of a slot machine? Don't wait any longer and discover them now! At Circus, slots are one of the most popular online casino games. Play them on your computer, tablet or smartphone and have fun wherever and whenever you want. So try your luck, make as many winning combinations as possible and get some great winnings.

How do you play on a slot machine?

Playing on a slot machine is easy. But first you need to prepare yourself!

Go through the paytable and find the overview which shows all the possible combinations and the properties of each symbol. Are you looking for the general game rules? Then press the '?' button.

Determine your bet using the '-' and '+' buttons. Then start the game by pushing the 'Spin' button.

Spin the reels and watch the symbols pass by. Line up identical symbols on a payline and discover your winnings when the reels stop.

Have you lined up some bonus symbols? Then you get access to the mini bonus game or you win free spins that give your winning chances a boost.

Some useful terms

  • Bonus: you receive a bonus when you get 3 bonus symbols in a row. Sometimes the bonus is a mini game and sometimes a bonus gives you a free spin. Whatever bonus you get, you can give your winnings a big boost with it.
  • WILD: a WILD symbol is a symbol that replaces other symbols. This means you have a better chance of a winning combination.
  • Multiplier: a multiplier is a bonus advantage that multiplies your winnings by the indicated number.
  • Freespin: a free round that plays automatically and is linked to your last paying spin.

The payout percentage

Choosing the right slot game is the first step of your strategy. The payout percentage (or RTP/return to player) is important here. The higher the payout percentage, the more money is paid out to the player per euro bet. Keep in mind that online slots usually have higher payout percentages than physical slot machines in casinos or gaming halls. Most online slots have an RTP of over 96%, but there are also slots that have a payout percentage of up to 97%. That means that per €100 bet, the slots pay out €97 in winnings. Keep in mind that these percentages are calculated based on thousands or millions of spins and not per player or per day.

100% fun

Enter a world full of excitement and thrills and get to know the colorful characters from our range of games. From the stingy goblins, the fortune teller Gypsy Rose, Pinocchio and Gepetto, or Snow White and the evil stepmother, they are eager to meet you. Keep an eye on our range, because we regularly add new games!

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