Roulette rules

Do you love excitement and thrill? And do you fancy getting up to 36 times your stake with 1 chip? Then you've come to the right place at Circus. Discover online roulette! Read the rules of the game and get ready to not leave the game table empty-handed.

How do you play roulette?

To play roulette, you need:

  • A game table
  • A rotating roulette wheel with 37 compartments
  • A ball

The game table consists of several squares that you can bet on. The most important thing about the game table is the numbers you can bet on which are the numbers 0 to 36. The compartment with the number 0 is green and the remaining compartments 1 through 36 are divided between the colors red and black. You can bet on the numbers as well as which color the ball will land on (red or black). There are also a lot of other options on the game table for where you can place your bet.

At the start of the game, the croupier announces that you can place your bets. They spin the wheel and launch the ball in the opposite direction. At that moment, you can place your bet on a square or squares where you think the ball will land soon. The croupier then indicates no more bets. Keep your eyes on the roulette wheel, find out where the ball lands and check if and how much you have won.

Some useful terms

  1. Straight: a bet on 1 number that allows you to win 35 times your stake.
  2. Split: a bet on 2 numbers that allows you to win 17 times your stake.
  3. Basket: a bet on 3 numbers that allows you to win 11 times your stake.
  4. Street: a bet on a line of 3 numbers that allows you to win 11 times your stake.
  5. Corner: a bet on 4 adjacent numbers that allows you to win 8 times your stake.
  6. Six line: a bet where you place your chips on the middle line between 2 columns of 3 numbers and therefore bet on these 6 numbers. You can win 5 times your stake.
  7. Dozen: a bet on 12 consecutive numbers that allows you to win 2 times your stake.
  8. Two dozen: a bet on 2 dozen numbers that allows you to win 0.5 times your stake.
  9. Low: a bet on the numbers 1 to 18 that allows you to win back your stake.
  10. High: a bet on the numbers 19 to 36 that allows you to win back your stake.
  11. Red/Black: a bet on a color that allows you to win back your stake.
  12. Even/odd: a bet on the even or odd numbers on the table that allows you to win back your stake.

Choose your favorite roulette

Step into the wonderful world of online roulette. At Circus you will find several variants, from classic and vertical to live roulette and variants that offer you the opportunity to place lower or higher bets. Do you want to limit the risks? Then play with a low stake from €0.10. Would you rather go for big money? Then play with a high stake of up to €800. Do you prefer to play 100% safe to prepare for the big game? Then try our demo mode and practice until you're ready for the real deal.

Which roulettes are available on our website?

  • European roulette and low stake European roulette
  • Live roulette: filmed directly in a casino
  • 3D roulette
  • Bonus roulette
  • VIP roulette: with a higher bet up to €800

Make your choice and get started with online roulette.