The different moderation tools for responsible gaming

Circus encourages you to play and bet responsibly. Therefore, we have provided you with various tools to help ensure that playing and betting always remains fun.

Keep your expenses under control

You can set a daily, weekly and monthly deposit limit in your account settings. This means you can't deposit more than the amount you set for the period in question.

Do you want to change the limit amount? That's possible. You can lower the limit amount at any time and the change will be made immediately. Do you want to increase your limit amount? Please note that if you want to increase the limit amount, you must wait 7 days for this change to take effect (this is the so-called “cool off” period). Please also note that you can only submit one increase request at a time.

> Manage your limits

Set a time limit

Do you want to limit the time you spend on our website? Then set a session limit per day, week or month. Your time is calculated from the time you log in to the moment you log out. If you later regret the session limit you set, don’t worry, you can change your limit at any time. Keep in mind that if you increase your session limit, it will take 7 days for the change to take effect. Have you lowered your limit? Then the reduction applies immediately.

> Set a time limit

Limit the balance in your account

Worried you’ll spend the balance in your account by gaming or betting? Set up an automatic transfer. This way, you decide the maximum amount of credit you want to have in your account. Have you exceeded that amount? Then a transfer is automatically made to your bank account. Do you still want to keep more credit available in your account later?  You can adjust these amounts whenever you want, but keep in mind that if you choose to increase any of them, the change will take 7 days.  However, if you choose to decrease them, the change will take effect immediately.

> Manage your settings

Take a self-assessment test

Want to find out what kind of player you are? And do you want to see if your playing behavior puts you at risk? You can do so by taking the self-assessment test on the Centrum voor Verantwoord Gokken website.

Please note that we will not use your results. This test is for you only.

If after taking the self-assessment test, it is established that your gambling behavior is at risk, we strongly encourage you to refer to the moderation tools on this page and to take action immediately.

Don't forget that you can exclude yourself permanently by registering in CRUKS (Centraal Register Uitsluiting Kansspelen).

> Take a self-assessment test

Exclude yourself from specific game and sports categories

Do you feel you spend too much time playing roulette or placing too many betting, but you don’t want to exclude yourself from Circus’ platform? Moderate your activity and reduce your risk of loss by excluding yourself from certain game categories. You can set up an exclusion period using the calendar. Please note that if you choose to exclude yourself from a category, you will no longer enjoy any of our perks in line with our Responsible Gaming policy.

> Exclude myself

Take a break

You can also temporarily block yourself from accessing our games. You can do this directly via our website for a period of 1 day to 6 months. During this period, you will not be able to make a deposit or play on our website. You can still submit a withdrawal request. After this period, you will automatically have access to your account again.

Do you need a longer break? You can request a lifetime exclusion on our platform. If you validate your choice for a lifetime exclusion, your account will be automatically suspended, and you will no longer be able to access the platform. Please note that a lifetime exclusion cannot be lifted by law.

> Manage your settings

Exclude yourself

If none of the above worked for you and you feel like you are still losing control, you can always request a permanent exclusion from casinos, gaming halls and online casino websites, you can choose to exclude yourself from all online and physical casinos. You can do this by sending this form by post to the Gaming Authority or by having yourself included in the Central Register of Exclusion of Gambling (CRUKS). You can opt for a period of 6 months or a permanent exclusion.

Have you noticed that one of your relatives has a problem with gambling? You can always contact the Loket Kansspel, AGOG (Anonieme Gokker Omgeveing Gokker), or the Centrum voor Verantwoord Gokken for advice. You can also request a gambling ban for a third party from the Kansspelautoriteit.

> Exclude yourself