What do we consider as at-risk gambling activity?

To avoid problematic gaming or betting behavior, it is important recognize the signs that can lead to you losing control. Please refer to the following list if you want to establish if you are at-risk for problematic gambling

  • You have a significant urge to play.
  • You feel restless, irritated or depressed when you can’t play.
  • You play for increasingly longer to feel the emotions you had at the beginning.
  • Our casino games and sports bets are a big part of your daily life, and you can’t imagine a day without playing.
  • You lock yourself in a bubble without considering your surroundings (familial or direct).
  • You spend more than half a day playing or thinking about playing.
  • You lie to your family or to your friends.
  • You put yourself in financial difficulties due to your gambling activity.

Tips for safe and fun gambling behavior

At Circus, the key word is fun. So, we've put together some useful tips for you to keep your gaming and betting activity enjoyable:

  1. Always think of playing and betting as an enjoyable leisure activity. Always consider gambling as a leisure activity, it can be part of your life but not take up too much of a significant place. Remember that games of chance are not a solution to financial problems, and we have no impact on the outcome of your game session.
  2. Remember to define your budget based on the money you can afford to lose without putting you in any difficulties and stick to it. You can easily set a budget in your account settings.
  3. Don't try to recover your losses by playing or betting more. Keep in mind that if you use our platform, you can also lose. Of course, no one likes losing, but if you try to recover your losses by playing or betting more, you may lose more than you can afford.
  4. Did you win?  Cash out your winnings immediately. If you win, you may be tempted to play even more and win more.  However, we advise you to cash out your winnings immediately. Make yourself comfortable and set an automatic transfer limit for the maximum amount of money you want in your account to use for your games and bets. You can do that in your account settings.

Do you have more questions about keeping your playing and betting activity safe and enjoyable? We are always here for you. Please don't hesitate to contact us.