Blackjack rules

Are you not afraid of a challenge? Take on the dealer and collect the most points, but don't exceed the magic number 21! Choose your favorite variation of the game and bring out your best card skills.

Blackjack in a nutshell

Take a seat at the table online or in a physical casino for a game of blackjack, an exciting card game with multiple card decks, where you take on the dealer, also known as the bank.

The goal is to get as close as possible to a value of 21 with your hand (cards). But beware: have you exceeded 21? Then you have lost the round.

The value of the cards

It is important to know the value of your cards when playing blackjack, so you can use the best strategy:

  • Cards 2 to 10 represent the value of the number
  • Picture cards (jack, king & queen) all have a value of 10
  • The ace can have a value of 1 or 11, where you as a player can choose which value you want to use. For the dealer, the ace always has a value of 11

The suit of the cards (hearts, diamonds, clover or spades) does not apply in blackjack.

Getting started with blackjack

The first steps of a game of blackjack

Determine your bet and start the game. After you have placed your bet, the dealer deals the cards and each player gets 2 cards that are placed face up on the table. The dealer also gets 2 cards, but only puts one of the cards face up. The other card stays face down.

After you receive your cards, you check their value. Did you reach 21 because you have a picture and an ace? Then you have blackjack and you have won. You will receive 1.5 times your bet. Don't have blackjack? Then the game continues.

All players get their turn from left to right. The number of points you have (the value of your first 2 cards) is indicated by the dealer. The dealer then asks you if you want to get another card (hit) or if you want to pass (stand).

In your first turn, in addition to a hit or a stand, you have two other options, namely:

  • Double down: with your first move you can choose to double your initial bet. This can be useful if you already have 11 points after your first hand, for example. You then have the chance that you will get 21 with your next card and can therefore increase your potential winnings.
  • Split: did you get two cards with the same value in your first turn? Then you can choose to split your cards and place your initial bet again. Your cards are taken apart by the dealer and for each card you are dealt another. You play with 2 hands and therefore have twice the chance of getting as close as possible to 21. You can decide on a hand-by-hand basis whether to take additional cards or to pass.

The continuation of a game of blackjack

Have all the players had their turn? Then it is the dealer’s turn who reveals their 2 cards. The dealer is always obliged to take additional cards until they reach 17 or more. From 17, the dealer is obliged to stop taking cards. This rule also applies if the dealer has an ace. The dealer also has no special options such as splitting or doubling down.

Have you won or lost?

If the dealer has exceeded 21, you win the round and get 1 times your bet. Are you closer to 21? Then you also win 1 times your bet. You also win if you are closer to 21 than the dealer. Do you have a blackjack? Then you win one and a half times your bet. Do you have the same number of points as the dealer? Then you get your bet back and you don't win, but you don't lose either. Does the dealer have more points? Then you lose.

Special situations and useful concepts

Blackjack or 21

You can only achieve blackjack with the first 2 cards. If you collect 21 points after taking cards, this does not count as a blackjack, but as 21. Keep in mind that blackjack is the highest possible win in the game. If the player has 21 and the dealer has a blackjack, then the dealer wins and the player loses.

Even money

If you get a blackjack with your first hand, you normally win 1.5 times your bet, unless the dealer also has a blackjack. This happens if the dealer's first open card is an ace, a 10 or picture. If the dealer's first card is an ace, you can opt for 'even money'. With even money you get 1 times your bet back instead of one and a half and you get paid out immediately. So there is no chance of a draw if the dealer also has a blackjack.


If the dealer's first card is an ace and you feel like they are going to get a blackjack, you can choose to insure yourself against this by paying half of your original bet. Were you right? Then your bet will be doubled and paid out. Didn't the dealer get blackjack? Then your bet (insurance) is lost.

Splitting aces

If you have 2 aces in your first hand, you will also get the option to split them here (split). When splitting aces, however, you only get 1 card with each ace and then can not take more cards. The only exception is if your extra card is another ace. You can then split them again. If you get a 10 or a picture with one of these aces, this also counts as 21 and not as blackjack.

Double down

If you have received 2 cards, have checked the value and feel lucky, you can double your original bet. Once you have doubled, you can only take 1 more card.


If the dealer and players have received their first 2 cards and you feel this is not your round, you can choose to give up and not continue playing. You will then get half of your initial bet back.

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