What are tickets in the Club and how can I use them?

If you're spinning a Prize Wheel or opening a Gift Box at Circus, you'll win tickets that you can redeem for coins and prizes. Learn everything you need to know about tickets, how they work and what you can swap them for.

What are tickets and how can I use them?

Have you opened a Gift Box or have you reached a new status and are allowed to spin the Prize Wheel?

Then you will receive a ticket that you can redeem for coins and prizes in the Club.

How can I work out the value of a ticket?

Each ticket contains a letter or Roman numeral. The letters and Roman numerals indicate the value of your ticket in coins and indicate the prizes you can swap it for in the Club.

  • Do you have a ticket with the letter A? Then you can see in the Club that there is only one thing you can choose with this ticket, which is 200 coins.
  • Does your ticket have the Roman numeral IV? Then you can search in the shop for all the prices that contain the value IV. You can swap the ticket for any price that contains the value IV.
Can tickets be swapped for coins?

You can only exchange your tickets for coins as an exception. Are you having difficulties redeeming your ticket and would rather swap it for coins? Please contact our customer service.

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